*All My Relations: this Indigenous Gathering is free as it is all about the sacred messages. All we ask is that you be here for you, attend in good spirit, respect all people and No egos.  Be sensitive of our cultures, the IILG Indigenous protocol, grounds, & mother earth.  
Dress respectfully, women in full length skirts/wraps during ceremony (no short-shorts/revealing tops) and men no speedos!
No drugs & alcohol Permitted; No smoking at the arbor (use ashtrays & cans); Dogs are asked to be left at home.  
Bring your own cooking gear, ice & cooking utensils 
Bring your own plate, bowl, cup, cutlery & water bottle
We will not provide!  
~St’at’imc Chiefs Council~

IILG 2016
Protecting the Sacred

Thursday, June 02, 2016

 6am  Opening Sweat Ceremony opening by: Howie Shield 
   Breakfast on your own
 9:30am  Welcome Song Calling all handdrummers

Welcome: Tribal Chair Chief Don Harris

Welcome:Host Chief Darrell Bob 

Guidelines of the Gathering: M.C. Garry John



Opening Ceremony

Dr Sue Sanger

Chief Shane Gottfriedson TBD

   Bear dance ceremony, wild man dance.
 12pm  Lunch break on your own ~ bring your own cooking gear
 130pm  Afternoon Teachings

Audrey Siegl

Dalannah Bowen

Daily Moon Lodge Teachings TBD

 5pm  Dinner break provided
 6pm  Evening Sweat
   Ceremonies & hand drumming in arbor

IILG 2016
Protecting the Sacred

 Friday, June 3, 2016
 6am  Opening Sweat Ceremony
   Breakfast on your own
 9:30am  Welcome song
   Elders opening Prayer
  Morning Ceremony
 All Day

Lee Brown

Rueben George 

Phil Lane Jr

Shane Point

Rex Wyler

 12pm Lunch break
  Crazy Horses Bundle Pipe Ceremony
 5pm Dinner break provided ~ bring your own cooking gear
 6pm Evening Sweat
Ceremonies & hand drumming in arbor

IILG 2016
Protecting the Sacred


Saturday, June 4, 2016



 Women's Sweat Ceremony


 Breakfast on your own


 Welcome song


Elders opening Prayer

Horse Ceremony



Bear Ceremony

Wild Man and Deer Dance TBD ~ pending the horse ceremony


 Lunch break


 Afternoon Teachings

Salmon Caravan

Dawn Morrison

Eddie Gertner

Ta'kai'ya Blaney

Honouring the Female Chiefs of St'at'imc Nation


 Honouring the helpers 


Dinner break provided ~bring your own cooking gear


Youth Evening Sweat


Hand Drum Rodeo


IILG 2016
Protecting the Sacred

Sunday, June 5, 2016


 Sunrise Ceremony


 Breakfast on your own


 Closing Ceremony & Hand Drumming




 Closing remarks by Chiefs


 Ground clean up


Closing Sweat & Pipe to follow in evening


  • Please clean up the area that was your home for the last 4 day's, leave it the way you found it. Your help in keeping Mother Earth beautiful is greatly appreciated.
  • The grounds are not a storage facility so "WHAT YOU BRING IN MUST BE PACKED BACK OUT".

May the Creator and good grandmas and grandpas watch over you as you journey safely back home. ALL MY RELATIONS. :)